Adrienne Hua

Public Policy Program Hua holds a BS in Business Administration and Management and a MA in International Commerce and Policy. Her experience working at the United States Mission to the United Nations has allowed her to bring a unique international perspective to her work, particularly as it relates to policy making. Her current research interests revolve around international financial institutions, human rights, and social and criminal justice policy. 

Dissertation Title and Abstract: The Budding Ripple Effect featuring Foreign Aid and Human Trafficking

Foreign aid policy is a commonly used tool to fight human rights abuses, particularly those of human trafficking. By investing in individual countries, development goals such as reduced human trafficking can be accomplished. However, despite the better prospects brought about by these investments, there are often unintended consequences that can potentially make human trafficking more likely to occur. Through ordinal logistic regression, post-Cold War era financial disbursements from a variety of financial institutions are analyzed for potential impacts upon a country‚Äôs level as the origin point of human trafficking. Current research has focused on building a theoretical argument with little empirical data. This research will fulfil that gap with empirical models that will explain the relationship foreign aid has with human trafficking in a quantifiable manner. Henceforth, providing better evidence and research to drive public policy recommendations that impact both foreign aid and human trafficking policy. 

Ph.D. Expected: