Harrison Campbell

McEniry 429

Faculty Website

Professor, Department of Geography and Earth Studies
Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

Research Interests: Economic Geography; Urban and Regional Development; Applied Regional Analysis; Impact Assessment &. Program Evaluation

Dr. Campbell received his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Illinois.His research activities revolve around the many facets of regional development, especially those that concern the dynamics of regional growth, development policy, and factors that impact the economic health of communities and regions. While I am interested in both patterns of regional development and the processes that produce them. His approach to teaching and research emphasizes empiricism and policy relevance. His research has focused on regional income convergence; the impact of segregation and spatial mismatch on metro area growth; suburbanization of producer service firms; the role of “unearned” income (transfer payments, interest, dividends, rent) on local employment growth; the impact of professional sports teams and facilities on metro areas; industry clusters in regions undergoing rapid structural change; economic impact assessment; and program evaluation. He is the author of Charlotte’s Business Growth Index, a joint effort with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.