Award-Winning Research

Dr. Martha Kropf (Professor, Public Policy Program; Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration), Dr. Zachary Mohr (Public Policy Affiliate and Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Administration), JoEllen Pope (Public Policy Ph.D. student), and Dr. Mary Jo Shepherd (Public Policy Ph.D. Alumni and Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Public Administration).

“Does Politics Influence Election Administration Expenditure? A Political Model of Election Administration Expenditure in North Carolina Counties.”

2019 Oral Parks Memorial Award for Best Faculty Paper

Dr. Jason Giersch ( Public Policy Alumni and Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, UNC Charlotte)

“Standardized distraction: How accountability policies take education’s emphasis off learning while effectively maintaining inequality”

Highly Commended Dissertation in the 2013 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in Education and Leadership Strategy, selected by the editorial team of the Journal of Educational Administration.

Faith Butta (Public Policy Graduate Student)

“Life after the uniform: Women veterans and voter turnout in presidential elections”

2018 winner of the Fidelity Investments Best Graduate Paper Award

Dr. Eleonora Davalos (Public Policy Alumna)

“Strategies, Incentives, and Decisions: Illicit Crop Control in Colombia.”

2018 Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Award