Giving to PPOL

Alumni and Friends of Public Policy:

Why give to Public Policy at UNC Charlotte? Your gift helps support our Mission: To generate leading public policy scholarship, to achieve excellence in public policy doctoral education and, through both, to advance the design and conduct of public policy application and research in a local, regional, state, national and international context. It helps support our Vision: that leaders in civil society and involved citizens will turn to Public Policy at UNC Charlotte, for reliable, innovative, non-partisan policy education, research, training and evaluation on issues of concern at local, national and international community and our UNC Charlotte Public Policy Ph.D. Graduates to become leaders in academic and applied public policy institutions.

In order to facilitate both, we want to host programs, symposiums, and seminars that bring people together to discuss crucial policy issues and challenges, to understand our individual and collective roles in creating a healthy, vibrant and engaged public policy community.

We invite you to be part of this effort. Consider making a donation to the Public Policy program to support our goals. Your gift propels the progress of UNC Charlotte’s Public Policy program and for that we are deeply grateful.