Talking Policy in the Queen City 2023

40 Years of Deja Vu All Over Again: Redistricting in North Carolina and What 2022 Election Results Portend for the Next Round by Michael Bitzer, PH.D. was a huge success. Thank you to all who could attend this annual event. To view pictures from the event, CLICK HERE.

an interdisciplinary program that draws faculty from multiple departments across three colleges to research collaboratively with our PhD students to address complex problems facing society. The intellectual focus of the program is on conducting theoretically informed, basic and applied research to seek evidence-based, practical solutions to challenging policy issues.

policy development, implementation, and evaluation in multiple specialty areas including social and economic policy, development and sustainability policy, particularly in urban environments, and issues of justice and security in local, state, national, and international contexts.

to understand individual and institutional factors that shape decision-making within the broader policy process, including issues of representation and the role of the public.   

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