Beth Rubin

Professor Emeritus

Professor of Sociology, Emeritus 

Professor of Public Policy, Emeritus 


Ph.D. Indiana University, 1983

Research Interest:

Dr. Rubin's current research focuses on: the intersections of gender, race, age and perceptions of managers on a variety of employee outcomes; organizational and workplace restructuring, policy, work-family balance, generational differences in the workplace and their consequences; the long-term effects and experience of worker displacement in the United States; the impact of economic and workplace restructuring on various types of inequality and employee outcomes in China.



Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Rubin, Beth.  2014 “Employment Insecurity and the Frayed American Dream Sociological Compass (in press).

Brody, Charles J., Beth A. Rubin and David Maume. 2014. "Gender structure and the effects of management citizenship behavior.” Social Forces 92(4):1373-1404.

Maume, David,  Beth A. Rubin and Charles. J. Brody. 2014. “Race, management citizenship behavior and employees’ commitment and well-being.” American Behavioral Scientist. (forthcoming).

Cao, Yang and Beth A. Rubin.  2014. “Market reform and the deinstitutionalization of the standard work day in post-Socialist China.” Special Issue on International Comparisons of Working Time, Industrial and Labor Relations Review 67:864-890. (Authorship is alphabetical; both authors contributed equally).

Rubin, Beth A. and Stephanie Moller. 2013. “Stratification and race in the service economy.”  Pp. 37-58 in Carol Camp Yeakey, Vetta Sanders Thompson and Anjanette Wells (Eds.) Urban Ills: Post-Recession Complexities of Urban Living in Global Contexts. New York: Lexington Books.

Rubin, Beth A.  2012. “Shifting Social Contracts and the Sociological Imagination.” Social Forces. 91:327-346.


Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Social Policy
Urban and Regional Development