Cayce Jamil

Public Policy Program



MA in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

BA in History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research Interest:

Social psychology, status, solidarity, theory construction, experiments, and quantitative methods

Year PhD Expected:


Dissertation Title:

Status Inconsistency, Solidarity, and Vocal Dynamics in Small Groups.



Stata, SAS, database management, R, data collection



Book Publications

·         Ansart, Pierre, Cayce Jamil, Shaun Murdock, René Berthier, & Jesse Cohn. Forthcoming. Sociology of Proudhon. AK Press.

Article Publications

·         Bottia, Martha C., Cayce Jamil, Roslyn A. Mickelson, & Elizabeth Stearns. (under review). “Socioeconomic Differences in NC College Going Students’ Pathways into STEM.” Teachers College Record.

·         Gurvitch, Georges, Cayce Jamil, & Shaun Murdock. (under review). “For the Centenary of the Birth of Durkheim.” Durkheimian Studies.

·         Jamil, Cayce. (in press). “Resurrecting Proudhon’s Idea of Justice.” Journal of Classical Sociology.

·         Bottia, Martha C., Roslyn A. Mickelson, Cayce Jamil, Kyleigh Moniz, & Leanne Barry. 2021. “Factors Associated with College STEM Participation of Racially Minoritized Students: A Synthesis of Research.” Review of Educational Research, 91(4): 614-648.

·         Bottia, Martha C., Elizabeth Stearns, Roslyn A. Mickelson, Stephanie Moller, & Cayce Jamil. 2020. “The Importance of Community Colleges in Students’ Choice to Major in STEM.” The Journal of Higher Education91(7): 1116-1148.