Cayce Jamil

Cayce Jamil


Ph.D. in Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

MA in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

BA in History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research Interest:

Social psychology, status, solidarity, theory construction, experiments, and quantitative methods

Year PhD Expected: Successful Defended Dissertation on April 11, 2023

Dissertation Title: A Public Policy Approach to Status Interventions and Unintended Consequences

Status Inconsistency, Solidarity, and Vocal Dynamics in Small Groups.



Stata, SAS, database management, R, data collection


Book Publications

· Ansart, Pierre, Cayce Jamil, Shaun Murdock, René Berthier, & Jesse Cohn. Forthcoming. Sociology of Proudhon. AK Press.

Article Publications

· Bottia, Martha C., Cayce Jamil, Roslyn A. Mickelson, & Elizabeth Stearns. (under review). “Socioeconomic Differences in NC College Going Students’ Pathways into STEM.” Teachers College Record.

· Gurvitch, Georges, Cayce Jamil, & Shaun Murdock. (under review). “For the Centenary of the Birth of Durkheim.” Durkheimian Studies.

· Jamil, Cayce. (in press). “Resurrecting Proudhon’s Idea of Justice.” Journal of Classical Sociology.

· Bottia, Martha C., Roslyn A. Mickelson, Cayce Jamil, Kyleigh Moniz, & Leanne Barry. 2021. “Factors Associated with College STEM Participation of Racially Minoritized Students: A Synthesis of Research.” Review of Educational Research, 91(4): 614-648.

· Bottia, Martha C., Elizabeth Stearns, Roslyn A. Mickelson, Stephanie Moller, & Cayce Jamil. 2020. “The Importance of Community Colleges in Students’ Choice to Major in STEM.” The Journal of Higher Education, 91(7): 1116-1148.