Eric Heberlig

455B Fretwell

Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

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Research Interest: Congressional politics, Political Corruption, U.S. Elections, Campaign Finance, Interest Groups


Dr. Heberlig (Ph.D., The Ohio State University) is professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  He is co-author of Congressional Parties, Institutional Ambition, and the Financing of Majority Control—winner of the 2014 D.B. Hardeman Prize for the best book on the U.S. Congress; American Cities and the Politics of Party ConventionsHow Government Got in Your BackyardAmerican Labor Unions in the Electoral ArenaClassics in Congressional Politics; and numerous articles on the politics of Congress, interest groups, elections, and campaign finance.  He served as a Congressional Fellow of the American Political Science Association in the 105th Congress.  He is co-chair of the University’s programming for the 2012 Democratic National Convention and the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Recent Publications:

  • Eric S. Heberlig, Suzanne M. Leland, Mark Shields, and David Swindell. Forthcoming (May 2016).  “The Disruption Costs of Post-911 Security Measures and Cities’ Bids for Presidential Nominating Conventions.”  Journal of Urban Affairs.
  • Eric S. Heberlig and Bruce A. Larson.  2014.  “US House Incumbent Fundraising and Spending in a Post-Citizens United (and Post-McCutcheon) World.” Political Science Quarterly 129 (4, Winter 2014-15): 613-41.  Also
  • Eric S. Heberlig and Bruce A. Larson.  2012.  Congressional Parties, Institutional Ambition, and the Financing of Majority Control.  University of Michigan Press. Winner of the 2014 D. B. Hardeman prize for the best book on the U.S. Congress by the LBJ Foundation.
  • Jeffrey H. Gillman and Eric S. Heberlig.  2011.  How the Government Got in Your Backyard:  Superweeds, Frankenfoods, Lawn Wars and the (Nonpartisan) Truth about Environmental Policies.  Portland: Timber Press.