Hakan Hekim

Hakan Hekim

Class of 2009

When did you graduate?

Summer 2009

What are your best memories about being a graduate student in the PPOL graduate program?

I have lots of memories about PPOL but I can’t forget our professors. They were helpful, friendly and always eager to solve my problems.

What are the top 3 things you took away from the PPOL program?

1. The importance of asking questions: you can’t learn without asking questions, you just memorize.

2. The importance of group work: share your ideas with others and be open to their critiques.

3. You can’t do everything by yourself: Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you are frustrated.

What advice would you give new students about how to succeed in graduate school?

Spare a good amount of time (at least 6 hours daily) to study. Start early to build your professional network. Try to join academic activities as much as you can.

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