Jean-Claude Thill

Jean-Claude Thill

Knight Distinguished Professor


Ph.D., Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 1988

Research Interest:

Dr. Thill has a long standing interest in the study of the spatial dimensions of socio-economic organizations at the metropolitan and regional scale, particularly the interfacing between transportation and mobility systems, urban land use, urban forms and urban functions, urban adaptation and resilience. His recent research has focused on the dynamics of the Charlotte metropolitan area, the temporal change in spatial patterns of neighborhood quality of life, accessibility, housing trends, school location and public decision making, and urban analytics. His research is methodologically rooted in the traditions of Regional Science and Geographic Information Science.

Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Tsvetkova, A., J.-C. Thill, and D. Strumsky “External Effects of Metropolitan Innovation on Firm Survival: Non-parametric Evidence from Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing, and Healthcare,” in K. Kourtit, P. Nijkamp, and B. Stimson (editors), Applied Modelling of Regional Growth and Innovation Systems, Springer, Heidelberg, in press.
Kashiha, M., and J.-C. Thill “The Functional Space of Major European Forwarding Ports: Study of Competition for Trade Bound to the United States,” in A. Verhetsel, E. Verhoef, T. Vanoutrive (editors), Smart Transport Networks: Decision Making, Sustainability, and Market Structure, Edward Elgar, in press.
Hwang, S., and J.-C. Thill “Influence of Job Accessibility on Housing Market Processes: Study of Spatial Stationarity in the Buffalo and Seattle Metropolitan Areas,” in B. Jiang, and X. Yao (editors), Geospatial Analysis and Modeling of Urban Structure and Dynamics, Springer, New York, 2010, 373-391.
Wells, K., and J.-C. Thill. “Do Transit-dependent Neighborhoods Receive Inferior Buss Access? A Neighborhood Analysis in Four Cities,” Journal of Urban Affairs, 34, 2012, 43-63.
Delmelle, E.C., J.-C. Thill, O. Furuseth, and T. Ludden. “Trajectories of Multidimensional Neighborhood Quality of Life Change,” Urban Studies, in press.
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