Joanne Carman

Associate Professor
Fretwell 445D

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Associate Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

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Office location:  Fretwell 445D
Research interests:  Public and Nonprofit Management; Program Evaluation; Community Development; Civic Engagement

Dr. Carman received her Doctorate in Public Administration from Rockefeller College, University at Albany. Her research has focused on the use of social network analysis in evaluation, the accreditation process for nonprofits, as well as evaluating the success of education, nonprofit, and development programs.

Recent or Relevant Publications 

  • Parrott, A. & Carman, J. G (Forthcoming). Scaling up programs: Reflections on the importance of process evaluation. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation.
  • Carman, J. G.  & Fredericks, K. A. (2018). Applications of social network analysis in evaluation: Challenges, suggestions, and opportunities for the future. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. doi: 10.3138/cjpe.31156
  • Carman, J. G. & Parrott, A. (2018). Yoga in United States urban schools: Outcomes for student response to stress and academic achievement. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research, 8(3), 1-10.
  • Carman, J. G.  & Parrott, A. (2016). Conducting quasi-experimental research in an urban school district: A closer look at the challenges and lessons learned. Journal of Applied Educational and Policy Research, 2(2), 77-86.
  • Carman, J. G.  & Fredericks, K. A. (2013). Nonprofits and accreditation: Exploring the implications for accountability. International Review of Public Administration (Symposium: Nonprofit Accountability), 38 (3), 51-68.
  • Carman, J. G. (2013). The case for participatory evaluation in an era of accountability: Unexpected opportunities. A Reply to Jill Chouinard. American Journal of Evaluation, 34 (2), 261-265 (an invited and peer reviewed Dialogue with Jill Chouinard and Lois-ellin Datta).
  • Carman, J. G. & Nesbit, R. A. (2013).  Founding new nonprofit organizations: Syndrome or symptom? Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 42 (3), 603-321.
  • Carman, J. G. & Hefner, R. A. (2012) Using civic engagement and collaboration to create community change: Lessons from Charlotte, NC. The Foundation Review, 4(2), 30-43.
  • Leland, S. M., Carman, J. G., & Swartz, N. (2012). Understanding succession planning at the local level: A study of the opportunities and challenges facing cities and counties. National Civic Review, 101 (2), 44-50.
  • Carman, J. G. (2011). Understanding evaluation in nonprofit organizations. Public Performance & Management Review, 34 (3), 350-377.