John Stogner

Associate Professor
Colvard 5083

Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Assistant Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

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Dr. John Stogner is a criminologist who primarily teaches courses in Criminological Theory, Drugs and Crime, Biosocial Criminology, and Research Methodology. The majority of his research focuses on drug use, abuse, and policy, but much of his work also focuses on the interplay between issues of health and deviance.

Much of Dr. Stogner’s drug research has focused on emerging or novel psychoactive drugs. These drugs (often referred to as “legal highs” or “synthetics” by the popular media and law enforcement) present an array of significant challenges to health care providers, law enforcement, and policymakers. In his published research, Dr. Stogner has examined prevalence and predictors of use, the effects of recent regulation, and offered policy recommendations for drugs such as Salvia divinorum, MDPV and synthetic cathinones (“bath salts”), and synthetic cannabinoids (“spice”). He is a coauthor of Emerging Trends in Drug Use and Distribution which explores both modern and historic novel drug issues.Some of Dr. Stogner’s other drug research explores peer influence on drug use, the accuracy of perceptions of peer substance use, and substance use’s effect on friendship quality. He has also explored how genetic factors condition reactions to stressful life events and how gene-environment interactions alter the likelihood that substance use is utilized as a coping mechanism.

Dr. Stogner has also explored how health and deviant behavior are intertwined. He has published a series of articles that examine the role that “health strain” may play in antisocial behavior and substance use. He plans to continue this work and evaluate criminal justice policies that affect public health. He currently serves as a member of the Southern Criminal Justice Association’s Board of Directors.

 Recent Publications:
  • Stogner, John and Chris L. Gibson. (In press; 2016) Genetic Modification of the relationship between parental rejection and adolescent alcohol use. Alcohol & Alcoholism. DOI: 10.1093/alcalc/agv136 
  • Stogner, John and Bryan Lee Miller (2015). Assessing the dangers of “dabbing”: Mere marijuana or harmful new trend? Pediatrics, 136, (1) 1-3. DOI:10.1542/peds.2015-0454
  • StognerJohn. (2015). Predictions instead of panics: The framework and utility of systematic forecasting of novel psychoactive drug trends. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. 41 (6), 519-526.
  • Rukus, Joseph, John Stogner, and Bryan Lee Miller. (In Press). LGBT novel drug use ascontextualized through control, strain, and learning theories. Social Science Quarterly. 
  • StognerJohn, Chris L. Gibson, and J. Mitchell Miller. (2014). Examining the reciprocal nature of the health-violence relationship: Results from a nationally representative sample. Justice Quarterly, 31(3), 473-499. DOI:10.1080/07418825.2012.723029