Nahida Begum Khudadad

Nahida Begum Khudadad

Class of 2018


M.Sc Planning – School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph Canada (2005)

Research Interest:

Research interest focuses on International development, sustainable development, water, housing, domestic energy, and youth development.

Ph.D. Expected:



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  • Khudadad, N., Sultana, N., & Khan, F. (2012). Women selling and promoting energy efficient products in Northern Pakistan. Renewable Energy – an International Journal, 49, 271-274.
  • Khudadad, N., & Shah, Q.A. (2008). The Impact of BACIP Energy Efficient Products on Domestic Firewood Consumption. Evaluating Climate Change and Development (World Bank Series on Development), 08, 215-235
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  • Dissertation. 2005. The Impact of BACIP Physical Construction Improvement Techniques on Classroom (Cummings. H. and Afshar, F. Thesis Advisor)


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