Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald

Professor, Sociology Department Chair

Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

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Research Interests: Economic Inequality; the American Middle Class; Social Movements; Religion

Dr. Fitzgerald earned his PhD (2003) in Sociology from the University of Iowa, an M.A. (1997) in Political Science from Iowa State University where he studied homelessness and public policy, and a B.A. (1994) from Luther College where he majored in philosophy, political science and sociology. His research and teaching interests include: social inequality/stratification, social movements, religion, political sociology and ethics. His research examines social and economic inequality, religion, and social movements and has appeared in Social Forces, Mobilization, Sociological Spectrum, The Sociological Quarterly, American Behavioral Scientist, and Policy Studies Journal. He routinely teaches study abroad courses in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and El Salvador. He is the author (with Kevin Leicht) of Middle Class Meltdown in America: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies.

Recent Publications:

Book: Leicht, Kevin T. and Scott T. Fitzgerald. (2014). Middle Class Meltdown in America: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies. Routledge Press.

In accessible prose for North American undergraduate students, this short text provides a sociological understanding of the causes and consequences of growing middle class inequality, with an abundance of supporting, empirical data. The book also addresses what we, as individuals and as a society, can do to put middle class Americans on a sounder footing.

Podcast of interview on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins (WFAE 90.7) discussing Middle Class Meltdown, original air date September 16, 2014.