Shelley Listwan

Shelley Listwan


Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
Associate Professor, Public Policy Doctoral Program

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Research Interest: Correctional Rehabilitation, Criminology Theory, and Victimization in Prison

Dr. Shelley Listwan (2001) received her PhD from the University of Cincinnati. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate classes on the topics of Criminological Theory, Institutional Corrections, Community Corrections, and Treatment and Rehabilitation. Her research is geared towards the identification and development of effective interventions within a variety of correctional settings. Specifically, she studies the development of best practices with offenders, primarily based on social learning theories. Dr. Listwan recently examined the salience of strain theory in examining re-entry outcomes among a sample of formerly incarcerated individuals. Dr. Listwan has served as a consultant to local, state, and federal agencies on the topic of assessment, treatment, and quality assurance within both institutional and community based programs.

Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Listwan, S. J., Sullivan, C. J., Agnew, R., Cullen, F. T., & Colvin, C. The pains of imprisonment revisited: The impact of strain on inmate recidivism. Justice Quarterly.

2011 Shaffer, D. K , Hartman, J., Howell, T., Listwan, S. J. Outcomes among drug court participants: Does drug of choice matter? International Journal of Offender Therapyand Comparative Criminology, 55, 155 –174.

2010 Listwan, S. J., Colvin, M., Hanley, D., & Flannery, D. Coercion, social support, and psychological well being among recently released prisoners. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 37, 1140-1159.

2010 Blevins, K., Listwan, S. J., Cullen, F. T., & Jonson, C. L. A general strain theory of prison violence and misconduct: An integrated model of inmate behavior. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 1-19.

2009 Shaffer, D. K, Hartman, J., & Listwan, S. J. Drug abusing women in the community: The impact of drug court involvement on recidivism. Journal of Drug Issues, 39, 1045-1069.