Vivian Lord

Vivian Lord

Criminal Justice and Criminology


Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1992

Research Interest:

Dr. Lord’s current research focuses on police involvement with and response to individuals who are emotionally and/or mentally disturbed with particular emphasis on implementation of crisis intervention teams and assessment of police-involved shootings and the intersection of gender, race, and community culture on police recruitment, selection, training, and retention policies and strategies.

Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Lord, V. B. (Forthcoming). Factors influencing subjects’ observed level of suicide by cop intent. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Lord, V.B., Bjerregaard, B., Hartman, J. (Forthcoming). Evaluating the graduation gap: Interventions designed to enhance upper-level student success and commitment. Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Lord, V.B., Coston, C. T. M., Blowers, A. N., Davis, B. & Johannes, K.S. (Forthcoming). A multi-dimensional examination of a learning community for criminal justice transfer students. Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

Coston, C., Blevins, K.R., Bing, R.L., & Lord, V. B. (Forthcoming). Illegal trafficking in non-human animals. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8(2).

Lord, V.B., Bjerregaard, B., Blevins, K. (2011). Factors influencing the responses of crisis intervention team-certified law enforcement officers. Police Quarterly, 14(4), 388-406.

Lord, V.B. and Sloop, M. (2010). Suicide by cop: Police shooting as a method of self-harming. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38, 889-895.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

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