Yoshiko Takahashi

Yoshiko Takahashi

Class of 2008

When did you graduate?

Summer 2008

What are your best memories about being a graduate student in the PPOL graduate program?

My best memories are all about criminology professors. They were so patient and caring about me, but I did not fully understand that until I actually started to teach. Dr. Friday, I would not be here if you were not my mentor. Dr. Lord, you always encouraged me to overcome my shyness. Dr. Bjerregaard (or Dr. B), thank you for your patience and smile even though I took five hours to complete an exam. Dr. Arrigo, your passion to the field was very meaningful to me.

What are the top 3 things you took away from the PPOL program?

• Interdisciplinary nature of crime and victims. The program broadened my perspectives in analyzing victims of crime.

• Importance of time management: It is hard to complete the program having a full-time job.

• Importance of persistency on research: Keep curiosity on the subject and be persistent about it.

What advice would you give new students about how to succeed in graduate school?

Prepare the dissertation topic as earlier as possible and have a peer study group to meet on a regular basis. Read a lot.

Any suggestions or tips for job search and preparing for going on the job market?

Create a network in the field, make conference presentations, publish and get as much teaching experience as you can if you want to become a professor.

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