Hazel Marie Sarmiento

Hazel Marie Sarmiento

Class of 2013


PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, May 2013

Research Interest:

Hazel’s research focuses on Sustainable Transportation; Sustainable Development; Public Transit; Urban Planning and Regional Policy; Public Finance and Budgeting.

When did you graduate?

May 2013

Current Job:

Research Associate, Center for Transportation Policy Studies

Ph.D. Expected:

May 2013

Current Research:

Light rail transit is perceived to be a sustainable public transit option. Hazel’s current research focuses on the empirical contributions of light rail systems to environmental sustainability in urban areas. Her research focuses on the environmental aspect of the triple bottom line of the sustainability theory and sustainable transportation. By identifying determinants of environmental sustainability and relating these factors to the use of light rail systems, policy recommendations will be directed toward these influential factors that will enable urban areas to achieve sustainable transportation goals. Dissertation Title: Environmental Sustainability of Light Rail Transit in Urban Areas
Teaching Interests:

  • Sustainable Transportation Policies
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban and Regional Development
  • Asian Public Policy
  • Technology Management


  • Participated in Alternative Fuel Vehicles Feasibility Study research project for the City of Charlotte.
  • Participated in Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation Planning project for campuses under the University of North Carolina System.
  • Participate in Seven Portals Study: An Investigation of Economic Development through Logistics Villages
  • Provided data management and research assistance to the Study on the no-contact order for domestic violence cases research project.
  • Provided data management and research assistance to the Study on University City Social Capital: Changes from 2005 to 2008 research project.

Recent Publications:

  • Sarmiento, Hazel Marie A. (2010) “Budgeting for Results: Enhancing the Budget Process in the Philippines through Public Expenditure Reforms” in Menifield, Charles E. (2010). Comparative Public Budgeting: A Global Perspective. Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.
  • Contributed to the publication of a book on comparative public budgeting by writing a chapter on budgeting and expenditure reforms in the Philippines

Conferences Attended:

  • Association for Budgeting and Financial Management. 20th Annual Conference. October 2008. Chicago, IL.
  • Bionergy Symposium on Transportation Bi-Fuels. March 2012. Charlotte, NC

Biographical Information: Hazel Marie A. Sarmiento is an international student from the Philippines. Prior to joining the PhD in Public Policy program, Hazel has ten years of experience as budget and management specialist on macroeconomic, fiscal policy and public finance issues at the Department of Budget and Management in the Philippines. She has extensive academic training on Philippine and Asian public policy, as well as technology management policies, through graduate studies at the University of the Philippines and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. As a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC, she participated in various public policy research projects, including transportation and disaster management research, at the Center for Transportation Policy Studies.


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