The Public Policy program’s goal is to provide academic year funding for all full-time students for five years provided that students maintain good standing in the program. Students will receive a Graduate Assistantship that typically pays $18,500 for the 9 month academic year. Typically students are assigned either to a faculty member to participate in research or teaching support or they may be assigned to other professional development activities (e.g., Research and Economic Development and Center for Graduate Life.) Often students are able to receive an assistantship and additional support for the summer. In addition, highly competitive students may be nominated for one of the competitive Fellowships through the Graduate School;

In addition to Graduate Assistantships, all students who are admitted by the preferred deadline of April 15th will be nominated for a Graduate School Tuition Award (GASP) Students who are on an assistantship and in good standing are eligible for up to five years of GASP support that provides full payment of tuition and health insurance.

There are a number of competitive awards that targets first year students. Students interested in being nominated for one of these Fellowships must submit their application by March 1st.