Urban Regional Development and Infrastructure

The Urban & Regional Development Policy Field stresses applied and empirical policy research that is grounded in an interdisciplinary theoretical foundation. Students will be prepared in analytical techniques suitable for research and policy analysis through courses addressing several topics at the neighborhood, city and regional levels, including: Economic Development; Transportation Policy; Infrastructure Provision; Public Service Delivery; Growth Management; Regionalism and Governance.

Courses for this specialty typically include:

  • PPOL 8610 Urban Regional Environment
  • PPOL 8611 Metropolitan Governance and Administration
  • PPOL 8613 Transportation Policy

Two additional courses from these or other choices:

  • PPOL 8612 Theory of Urban Development
  • PPOL 8614 Colloquium in 20th Century Black Urban History
  • PPOL 8615 The Restructuring City
  • PPOL 8616 Urban Planning Theory and Practice
  • PPOL 8617 Law and Management
  • PPOL 8618 Growth Management Systems
  • PPOL 8642 Regional Economic Development
  • PPOL 8643 Rural Development Issues
  • PPOL 8644 Public Budgeting and Financing
  • and others as available

Other courses appropriate for each specialty may be available and students may take these or substitute them for one of the listed classes in consultation with their Advisor and the Director of the Program.

Students are encouraged to develop a focus in other related fields or design their specialty based on faculty resources available. As with all programs, such a program would need the approval of the student’s advisor and the Director of the Program. Program faculty will continue to develop additional substantive and methods courses.