• Click here to be taken to a good site for the fundamentals of Microeconomic Principles.
  • Virtually any Principles of Microeconomics text for review. It doesn’t need to be the latest edition. Edwin Dolan is a good choice. It is inexpensive and reasonably challenging. Bradley Schiller, et al. is another option. In reality, most intro texts will suffice.
  • Students will benefit if they at least familiarize themselves with an intermediate level Microeconomics text to see what they can expect. Nicholson (2005) Microeconomic Theory: Basic Principles and Extensions, 9th Edition, is a good choice; it is primarily graphical and algebraic, and does not require calculus. But again, most Intermediate Microeconomic Theory texts will do.
  • Finally, an online course, such as the course offered at MIT on Microeconomic Principles, taught by Jonathan Gruber, may be useful to some, but it is Calculus-based. There is an Intermediate course at this site as well. That course can also be accessed from this link, as can a Microeconomic Principles course by Brad DeLong, but the latter requires iTunes.